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Representing Buyers And Sellers In Real Estate Transactions

Real estate law in Massachusetts is handled somewhat differently than in other states. Especially for first-time buyers and sellers, representation by an experienced attorney can save a great deal of frustration and expense.

For more than 30 years, clients have turned to attorney Alan Pransky when dealing with the purchase or sale of a home or property. We provide experienced buyer and seller representation in real estate transactions in the greater Boston area and throughout the state. To schedule a free consultation, contact our law office in Dedham.

Representing Buyers

First-time home buyers — who are frequently anxious and overwhelmed by the process of purchasing real estate — can benefit from the experience of a knowledgeable real estate lawyer.

We take the time to get to know buyer clients and understand their questions and concerns. We provide information regarding hiring inspectors, offers to purchase, purchase and sale agreements, and Massachusetts real estate law and protect their interests throughout the process.

We also represent those who have previously purchased real estate. Experienced buyers often do not have as many concerns, but they still face the same complex and detail-oriented requirements of real estate contracts and transactions.

Representing Sellers

In our experience, most sellers are focused on moving on. That is, they wish to move through the sale process as efficiently and effectively as possible so they can get on with the next stage of their lives.

Sellers generally do not have nearly as many fears as buyers, although the current economic environment does give rise for a need for guidance. Our representation concentrates on extricating sellers from their current situation with as few long-term entanglements as possible. We advise on tax consequences, closings and document retention in order to ensure that clients are protected now and in the future.

Some people choose to sell their homes without the assistance of a real estate broker. This saves the cost of a commission. This is frequently called FSBO (for sale by owner). After you have made the initial agreement, we can help you create the documents that are necessary to formalize the deal and move to closing.

Real Estate Closings

The purchase of real estate may be the single largest purchase in your life. Unlike stocks and bonds, it is one of the few investments you can use and enjoy. Whether the buyer and seller were introduced by a broker or the property is offered for sale by owner, an attorney can help draft a contract that addresses the contingencies that you need to consider.

In addition to drafting or reviewing sale and purchase agreements, mortgage notes and other documents, we advise and guide clients through the process of closing on real estate.

In the process of purchasing real estate, buyers have to work with Realtors, mortgage companies, home inspectors and other professionals. We encourage buyers and sellers to consult with an attorney in advance of looking for property or listing their home for sale. Our goal is to make you comfortable with the closing process.

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