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Purchasing A Home? We Can Help.

The purchase of a home is an exciting time and is often the largest investment that a person will make in his or her life. Not only can a new home provide you with a place to live, it can decrease the amount of taxes you have to pay, provide security through home equity and represent a part of your retirement nest egg in the future. This is a very important purchase and you want to make sure that it is completed correctly.

At the law firm of attorney Alan J. Pransky, in Dedham, Massachusetts, we represent homebuyers throughout the real estate transaction and work to protect the interests of our clients during the process. We work to ensure that the purchase agreement they sign is fair and will protect them against future problems if they arise. By taking the necessary precautions before you buy, you can avoid additional stress and expense down the road.

For commonsense problem solving and a free consultation with an experienced real estate lawyer, contact our firm and talk with us about your purchase and your concerns.

Home Closing And Title Issues

During the home buying process, we will review purchase agreements to ensure that the rights of our clients are protected and that they are receiving what they expect from their purchase. In the closing process, our firm will use our knowledge of real estate to make the process as seamless as possible. Attorney Pransky is also a member of the Real Estate Bar Association.

If disputes arise during your transaction, or after your purchase has taken place, we can also represent you in litigation. In addition to representation for homebuyers, we also represent sellers, lenders, and landlords and tenants in a variety of general real estate issues.

Purchasing a home is an event where no detail should be overlooked. At Alan J. Pransky, Attorney at Law, we will ensure you are protected as much as possible in the future. Contact our firm to learn more information and to schedule a free initial consultation. Call our Dedham office at 781-613-8809 for commonsense problem solving.