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Bribe your ex-spouse

by | Oct 16, 2011 | Modifications |

After divorce, parties frequently feel the need to change the terms of the separation agreement or divorce judgment. The easiest way to change the divorce terms is to enter into an agreement with your ex-spouse. Unfortunately, the ex may not agree even though you are asking for changes that are logical and reasonable. It appears that your only option is to hire a lawyer and file a modification action. This is a long and expensive process. There is another option:  Bribe your ex-spouse.

In many cases, the other spouse may cooperate if they receive money or other consideration for the agreement. An example of this is moving the child out of state. If the ex-spouse refuses to give permission to take the child, consider offering other considerations. I suggest that the child support payments be lowered to compensate for the added cost of traveling out of state to visit. In addition, the visitation schedule should be changed to give the other parent longer visits. Perhaps giving the other parent Christmas vacation every year would obtain their cooperation. In addition, the parties could agree on regular “Skype” visits over the internet. Offers of this nature may result in cooperation to move out of state and improve the relationship between the two parents.
After you and your ex-spouse have agreed, you can file a simplified form to have the court approve your agreement.
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