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Your Rights During Legal Separation

If you are considering legal separation prior to filing for divorce, you need to understand the law in Massachusetts and how it will apply to your situation. Attorney Alan J. Pransky has practiced family law in the state for over 30 years and has helped clients make difficult decisions about their lives and their families. Our firm can clarify your rights under the law and can guide you through the process of separation and divorce.

Understanding Legal Separation In Massachusetts

Most people understand legal separation as a trial period during which the parties live apart, with rights established by a court to provide for time to make decisions about potential reconciliation or divorce.

In Massachusetts, there is no statute that provides couples with the option of this concept of legal separation. Instead, if you wish to separate and have protections under the law, you will need to file for divorce or separate support with the court and live separately based upon the provisions listed in the court’s temporary order. If a couple wants a trial separation without filing for divorce, they need to reach an agreement outside of court. Attorney Alan Pransky can help you fashion such an agreement.

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Commonsense Problem Solving For Legal Separation

Creating an independent agreement for a trial separation period can help you clarify your rights and responsibilities about financial decision-making and issues of child custody and support. While this agreement may not be legally enforceable without a judge, it will help parties cooperate on important decisions and will often reduce any disputes that could occur down the road.

As your lawyer, Alan J. Pransky can help you and your spouse arrive at one of these agreements by helping you understand your rights and how to protect them.

Separate Support

The concept of separate support allows a person a form of legal separation in Massachusetts. It is generally used by people who have a religious objection to divorce but don’t want to live with their spouse. This action looks like a divorce, proceeds like a divorce, and takes the same time and expense as a divorce. However, at the end of the proceeding you are still married. If you then want to get divorced, you need to file a new action and start the process again. If you wish to file for separate support, our firm can counsel you on how to do so, and discuss if that is in your best interest.

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