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Is Spousal Support A Factor In Your Divorce?

Spousal support, also called alimony or spousal maintenance, is a system used to provide for the financial stability of both parties after a divorce. Whether you are the spouse making payments or the spouse receiving payments, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to help you protect your rights and set realistic expectations about your case.

At the law firm of Alan J. Pransky, Attorney at Law, in Dedham, Massachusetts, we will help you understand the aspects of your situation to present to the court to obtain a fair spousal support order. The spousal support system in Massachusetts can be confusing, but we can help you simplify the process and feel confident about your future as you deal with the difficult — and often emotional — issues surrounding divorce.

Whether you have yet to file for divorce and have questions, or you are currently going through a divorce and need an experienced lawyer, contact us online today. You may also call our firm at 781-613-8809 to learn more about our services.

Canton Family Courts And Spousal Support Orders

The Massachusetts alimony law limits when alimony or spousal support can be ordered and, if ordered, the time period for payment of alimony. If alimony can be ordered, a Family Court judge will consider many factors, including the need for support, the length of the marriage, the occupations and income sources of each party, and the lifestyle maintained during the marriage.

Given the unique nature of the alimony and spousal support system, it is important that you have an experienced advocate on your side who understands the system and will work to preserve your rights. Attorney Alan J. Pransky has nearly 30 years of legal experience in family law and can guide you through the complex process of spousal support.

Spousal Support Modifications

We also help clients obtain spousal support modifications if you or your former spouse’s situation has drastically changed. Typically remarriage, loss of a job and other life events can provide grounds for alimony modifications.

Contact A Massachusetts Alimony Lawyer

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